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What makes our organic straws so special?

Our organic drinking straws are reusable!

Join the growing trend of reusable products and choose the quality and environmental friendliness of our reusable organic straws. Since July 3, 2021 there is a European ban on Single Use Plastics. The widely known plastic straws are thus banned and we all know that the current paper straws are not the solution, they quickly become limp, contain harmful substances and are unsafe for children.

BioGoodz organic straws contain no harmful substances and are completely biodegradable. Just at home in your compost pile.

Our organic straws are heat resistant up to 85 degrees Celsius!

The organic straws have proven to be heat resistant, with unchanged quality at temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius for more than 10 hours. Rely on our durable and reliable organic straws for a worry-free and enjoyable drinking experience.

Our organic straws are dishwasher safe!

Heat-resistant organic straws, which can handle temperatures up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, offer the convenience of easy cleaning in the dishwasher. Like glass, stainless steel or metal straws, our organic straws clean thoroughly. For optimal cleaning when using smoothies or milkshakes, we recommend pre-rinsing them to remove larger dirt particles before the organic straw goes into the dishwasher. A small effort for a better environment and each used organic straw saves you money.

Our organic straws are home compostable!

The organic straws have been successfully tested for compostability by DIN Certco, making them a certified product in this field. We are proud of this achievement and are happy to share the detailed data with you. If you would like to learn more about our certification, please contact us at [email protected].

Our organic straws are produced in Germany!

Go for sustainability and reduce your ecological impact with our locally produced organic straws. The organic straws are made with raw materials from Germany, so we avoid long-distance transport from China, for example. So a smaller ecological footprint. Make a conscious choice for our organic straws and contribute to a greener future!

Our organic straws are biodegradable!

Our organic straws are completely natural and biodegradable, so they have no harmful impact on the environment. They are made from 100% natural raw materials and break down completely in nature, leaving no microplastics behind. With our sustainable organic straws, we contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for both people and nature.

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