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Frequently asked questions

Does BioGoodz have other products besides just the organic straws?

Together with our current producer and other European producers, we are looking to expand our range. This includes cutlery, plates and drinking cups made from biological material.

Are BioGoodz organic straws bendable?

Together with the manufacturer we are exploring a possibility for organic straws, keep an eye on the website for more news on this!

What are the BioGoodz organic straws made of?

The organic drinking straws from BioGoodz are made of a raw material that is mainly based on sugar and wood. The drinking straws also contain a plasticiser-freeand plasticiser-free ecological material that is converted into the components CO2, water and biomass. The BioGoodz drinking straws are biodegradable according to DIN EN 13432 and DIN CERTCO certified as fully compostable in the home and garden according to NF T51-800, registration number 9P0035.

Where did the organic straw come from?

The organic drinking straw from BioGoodz comes from DenzlingenGermany. All raw materials and to make the reusable organic straw produce also come from Germany.

What are the pluses of BioGoodz organic straws?
  • Reusable (falls outside the plastic ban from 03-07-2021)
  • Heat resistant (suitable for dishwasher use)
  • Home compostable
  • Free of PLA and BPA
  • Safe for children, paper drinking straws can have pieces coming loose that can be dangerous for children and can even cause choking. Our drinking straws are very stable in hot and cold drinks and therefore very safe to use
  • Neutral taste and smell
  • Remain stable even if left in liquid for a long time
  • Made in Germany
What beverages can BioGoodz organic straws be used in?

The organic drinking straws from BioGoodz can be used in both cold as well as hot beverages tot up to 85°C.

How long do BioGoodz organic straws last?

The service life of the drinking straws, if stored dry in the sales packaging is at least 12 months.

How are BioGoodz organic straws stored?

Bewaar de biologische drinkrietjesrietjes op een droge plaats bij < 30°C.

In what packaging are BioGoodz organic straws available?

The standard packaging for all drinking straws concerns:

Ø8 x 200mm:

Number per dispenser: 300 pieces

Quantity per bulk box: 6,000 pieces

Number per pallet: 96,000 pieces

Ø8 x 140mm:

Number per dispenser: 250 pieces

Quantity per bulk box: 7,500 pieces

Number per pallet: 105,000 pieces

Ø6 x 200mm:

Number per dispenser: 500 pieces

Quantity per bulk box: 10,000 pieces

Number per pallet: 140,000 pieces

What sizes (length/diameter) are BioGoodz organic straws available in?

Standard sizes:

Ø8 x 200mm

Ø8 x 140mm

Ø6 x 200mm

Other dimensions on request.

What colors are BioGoodz organic straws available in?

Currently, we offer the drinking straws in the colours natural (white), black and green.

Other colours are on request available.

Would you like to receive a free sample box?

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